If Your Retail Store Is Hemorrhaging Cash Like An Open Wound…

“Learn How A Professional, Strategically Coordinated Sales Event Can Flood Your Store With Immediate Cash Flow Like You’ve NEVER Seen, And Convert Your Inventory To A HIGHLY PROFITABLE Pile Of Cash In Just A Few Weeks!”

If your traffic is down and your cash flow is suffering, and you’re not sure what to do, then you are probably driving yourself NUTS wondering what the best solution is.  Do you close your business, do you try to sell it, or do you keep searching for new and better solutions…

You’ve worked hard to build your business…worked long hours, gave your heart and soul…you deserve to be where you WANT to be or walk away with the same dignity and pride you came into it with.

Whether you intend to close your store or CREATE CASH FLOW FAST, or both, you need a solution that injects LIFE into your business FAST, gets your cash registers ringing FAST, and gets your inventory moving FAST – all while creating as much PROFIT as possible. You need Retail Sales Pro™.

Having served Independent Retailers in 23 different niches from 3 different countries, you may qualify to be one of our next success stories…

Store Closing

“After nearly 30 years of owning my stores, I decided it was time to close and move on to other things.  When the Sale was all said and done I had quite a bit of cash left in my pocket, and my store was literally broom swept with nothing except a few fixtures which were sold but not yet picked up. I hope to never have to go through this again, but if I do I will most definitely hire Retail Sales Pro™ to assist me. They were true pro’s… beginning to end. Highly recommended retail professionals and retail marketers.”

Sewing Store Owner – Dayton & Columbus, Ohio

Specializing in the high impact sales events including store closing sales, which also includes the disposition of store fixtures and equipment to cash, Retail Sales Pro™ and our powerful marketing systems for conducting high impact Sales and Store Closing Sales are getting noticed.

Having been endorsed by the country’s #1 MOST celebrated consultant to the retail industry, Bill Glazer, and continuing to gain momentum in the independent retailer market place as the “Go-To” resource for independent retailers in need of such services, we work with clients around the world facilitating, conducting, and educating our clients on how to create a windfall of profit with a high impact, cash flow generating Sale or Store Closing Sale.

The Retail Sales Pro™ system uses a variety of strategies to drive hoards of qualified traffic to your Sale and maintain it all while minimizing advertising costs to you. Utilizing cutting edge copy writing and uncommon strategies NO ONE else uses for direct mail, our use of other media like social media, press, the Internet, email, and MORE, our high impact marketing systems WORK like gang busters to EXPLODE YOUR PROFIT QUICKLY!  One of our high impact Sales can:

  1. Double, Triple, and Even Quadruple Your Sales
  2. Magnetically Attract Long Lines Of Customers
  3. Put Fast Cash In Your Pockets
  4. Quickly Eliminate Or Reduce Business Debts

“You guys have definitely got the traffic into the store, and I can’t believe how many sales we’ve generated in such a short time. Our sales have averaged almost 7 times more than normal consistently during the Sale!”

Fine Gift Store Owner – Fort Worth, Texas

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