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Let us help YOU convert your inventory and assets to CASH quickly, efficiently, and profitably with a unique system no one else in the marketplace offers. Get the FREE Guide, Store Closing Secrets - 7 Proven Ways To Ensure Profit!

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Helping independent retailers since 2000!


Convert your inventory and assets to cash quickly, efficiently, and professionally so you can move on to the next phase of your life...


Our strategic -and customized- merchandising and discounting system ensures the most profit for you at each point during your Sale...


Clever use of social media, digital marketing, and efficient print media keeps your marketing budget to a minimum and your reputation in tact...

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What Sets Us Apart

Simply put:  we don't play games or have minimum inventory requirements first of all.  Secondly, most of our competitors have been around forever and still use antiquated strategies.  

We utilize a clever mix of social media, digital marketing, PR, and print media to lower your marketing budget and create the most profit for you!

How We Compare

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Our Latest Project

Terry followed everything we advised him to do TO THE LETTER and his results were spectacular!  We can do the same for you!

Get the FREE Guide, STORE CLOSING SECRETS - 7 Proven Ways To Ensure Profit! 

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